Zarah Fairn Wikipedia Stats:Meet The MMA Fighter On Instagram

Zarah Fairn does not have a documented biography on Wikipedia yet, but she is attaining immense attention as a featherweight MMA Fighter at UFC. Find out how old Zarah Fairn is? Details on her measurements, current stats, and Instagram. 

Zarah Farin officially started her MMA career on April 20, 2013. Though she lost her debut night against Megan Anderson she has not stopped to look back since.

As of 2021, she is fighting in the Women’s Bantamweight Division in UFC with a record of six wins and four losses.

Name Zarah Fairn
Birthday December 10
Age 35
Height 5′ 10″
Weight 140 LBS
Nationality France
Instagram @Zarah_Fairn

Zarah Fairn Wikipedia 

Zarah Fairn does not possess any biography on Wikipedia. However, she has been featured in several online news and articles.  

Zarah Fairn is an MMA artist from France.

How Old Is Zarah Fairn? Discover Real Age, 

Zarah Farin is 35 Years old in 2021. 

Farin was born on December 10, 1986, in France. She will turn 36 years old in the upcoming December 10.

Zarah Fairn’s Height: Her Stats

Zarah Farin has her height measured at 5′ 10″.

She weighs about 66 kilos or 140 LBS. As a professional fighter, she likes to keep her body toned with ripped muscles.

For the record, Zarah Farin has 4 wins by knockouts and two wins by decision.

Find Zarah On Instagram

Zarah Fairn is on Instagram as @Zarah_Fairn. At the moment, the French fighter has amassed about 3.8k followers with 32 posts.

Generally, her Instagram stories contain her training and getting ready for her fight night. She has also been sharing portraits from her photoshoots.

What Is The Net Worth Of Zarah Fairn?

Zarah Fairn does not have her net worth estimated yet. Nor has she shown any interest in showing off her any property or possessions.

Details on her financial information or net worth are still under review in 2021. According to multiple sources online, Zarah Fairn has a net worth of  $100,000. 

Zarah Fairn is pretty good as a business fighter. As far as we are concerned, she is entitled to earn about $138,250 yearly.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 9:15 pm

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